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Иллюстрация 1) Individual approach

Before starting work, our specialists study in detail the business processes of the company, its needs, and on the basis of this they draw up an individual work plan. We are ready to implement a product according to your needs. We actively apply the latest software updates to keep your company in step with the times.

Иллюстрация 2) Reliability

The Jey Soft company employs employees with colossal experience. By choosing us, we are responsible for your software or other service from our company. Your comfort with a database system is our main task, which we are ready to provide as soon as possible.

Иллюстрация 3) Quality of work

We have been working since 2007. During this time, we have achieved great results. Our employees are well-established practitioners and true masters of their craft, with extensive experience. Jey Soft specialists are ready to solve even the most difficult problem posed by our clients. We will provide the most non-standard solutions for your business

Иллюстрация 4) Fast response and problem solving

When a client contacts, our specialists are ready to provide high-quality and practical advice that suits your business process. We eliminate the cause, not "put out the fire" - with this expression we want to convey to our potential customers that we are ready to solve the problem at the root, avoiding repeated incidents

Иллюстрация 5) Official software only

The Jey Soft company is the official representative of 1C in Azerbaijan, we implement and work with people who have only official software. Having licensed software, you insure yourself against unnecessary problems and will receive constant updates.

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