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With the help of 1C, you can automate operational, accounting, personnel, production, financial, planning and other activities at the enterprise.

The implementation of 1C is the installation and configuration of 1C, information transfer, software improvements, employee training. After implementation, the program is ready to go, and business performance should improve: there will be less costs, faster work, more profit.

Depending on the automated processes for implementation, a suitable 1C configuration is selected. As a last resort, you may need to develop your own configuration from scratch.


In order to finally choose the transition to an automated accounting program in an organization, it is important to understand the advantages of such a decision:

✔business transparency and efficiency will increase;

✔ you will receive tools to control business processes;

✔ the enterprise will become more flexible and manageable;

✔ the number of economically unjustified measures will decrease;

✔ you optimize the work with finances and accounting in the organization;

✔ document circulation will be simplified, order will appear in business papers and reports;

✔ you will get rid of routine operations, there will be time for the development of priority areas

We will make any implementation of 1C

Implementations for small organizations
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Implementations for large organizations

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