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What is 1C: ITS and why is it necessary in your work?

Every IT product requires timely maintenance and support. Only under this condition will your programs always be up to date, and the data in the reports will be reliable.

It is for the solution of these tasks that the 1C company maintains and improves the ITS reference resource (information technology support), created for the comprehensive support of users of the 1C programs.

ITS is a powerful tool for supporting users of 1C programs and a unique reference resource for any organization on a wide range of issues related to working in 1C programs.

It is important to understand that maintenance of 1C software products of the PROF version and their legal updating is possible only if there is an ITS agreement. Moreover, you will not even be able to get advice on working with programs without a 1C: ITS agreement, unless we are talking about programs that do not require ITS.

If for some reason you do not have 1C: ITS yet, you can conclude a support agreement with our company. You will get the opportunity not only to update software products in a timely manner, but also take advantage of the professional help of experts and qualified information support.

What does the ITS system contain?

Updating the program's functionality is far from the only service that you can receive under a 1C: ITS agreement.

ITS is the latest changes in legislation, and all the necessary regulatory documents, and methodological support, and accounting literature. In addition, you have access to consultations of experienced auditors, the answers of the consultation line to frequently asked questions, the practice of working with 1C, the latest news from 1C and its partners.

Moreover, all materials are collected in ITS issues not according to the principle “the more, the better”, but strictly in accordance with the needs of users for productive work with “1C”: everything you need is collected here.

Some of the information and technical materials posted on the ITS resource are exclusive. Previously, they were not published anywhere, and in the future their publication is not provided. All materials are monthly updated and expanded in accordance with changes in legislation, as well as as new versions of programs are released. ITS allows for the continuous development and improvement of accounting systems.

With ITS, you receive online configuration updates on the day of the release, which guarantees uninterrupted operation of the program. ITS allows you to minimize the complexity of the preparation of primary documentation, as well as the preparation of reports.









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