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Creation of treatments
Creation of layouts (printed forms)
Creation of external reports

Why is 1C Refinement needed?


Refinement of the 1C database is necessary for companies or users, in the event that they do not have enough standard functionality or, for example, there are no necessary objects to reflect certain business processes of the company. By finalizing the configuration, we can do absolutely everything you need, from small tasks to large integrations with other business solutions.

What is included in our 1C refinement services?

1. Refinement of configurations 1C:

✓ Our services include the completion of any 1C configurations on 1C: Enterprise 8.3, 8.2, etc. platforms.
✓ Creation of additional functionality to expand the capabilities of the existing one.
✓ Automation of any business processes.

The specifics of the work and the wishes of the client (revision, design, implementation) are taken into account.

2. Correction of errors in 1C, optimization of 1C:

The specialists of our company correct errors in the client's current system for the correct operation of 1C, as well as optimize the performance of 1C. The 1C system optimization process includes:

✓ Performance audit 1C.
✓ Providing reports and detailed recommendations for improving performance.
✓ Optimization of 1C software.
✓ Optimization of the hardware platform.
✓ Optimization of 1C: Enterprise server and DBMS server.

3.Refinement and creation of printed forms:

Our specialists are finalizing the existing printing forms (managerial and regulated), creating new printing forms. Refinement and creation of printed forms occurs without changing the configuration of 1C.

4.Refinement and creation of reports:

We carry out improvements to the existing management and regulatory reporting in the client's 1C system, as well as create new reports. Refinement and creation of reports are carried out without changing the 1C configurations.

5.Integration of 1C:

Our specialists integrate and synchronize 1C with various systems for subsequent data exchange:

✓ Other configurations 1C
✓ Other accounting systems
✓Web sites

6.Setting up user rights 1C:

We configure the access rights of 1C users to specific objects and functionality in the information system. Correct differentiation of access rights is carried out for platforms 1C: Enterprise 8.3, 8.2 and others; as well as for various 1C configurations.

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