1C Database audit

Optimization of accounting in 1C programs, for example, assistance in setting up the correct reflection of accounting processes in 1C, which, in turn, will prevent errors in the formation of reports.
Using all the capabilities of 1C programs that will help speed up work and increase its efficiency.
Understanding how fully the company uses the capabilities of the 1C program.


Every manager must understand that the tasks performed by the audit are almost impossible to solve on their own, without the help of experts. For a full audit, it is not necessary to call specialists to the company. It is enough to issue temporary access rights to the auditor so that he can check the SQL server, as well as provide other services within the framework of the audit.

What is included in this service?

✔A team of expert technical specialists is working on the audit.

✔In the event of unforeseen incidents, auditors will respond promptly.

✔The efficiency and stability of the information system is maintained through regular audits.

✔Experts are thoroughly guided in the correct sequence of actions, thereby performing an audit as soon as possible.

✔After the audit, the IT infrastructure will start working with increased performance.

✔The manager will reduce the financial costs of support. By outsourcing the audit, you can refuse to involve your own staff of experts.

✔The database monitoring system operates around the clock. If they detect actions that should not be performed, experts will disable the storage account.

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