Data protection


What is Data protection?

Information security is various measures to protect information from unauthorized persons. In the pre-digital era, people locked important documents in safes, hired security guards, and encrypted their messages on paper to protect information.

Now more often they protect not paper, but digital information, but the measures, in fact, have remained the same: information security specialists create protected spaces (virtual "safes"), install security software like antiviruses ("hire security guards") and use cryptographic methods to encryption of digital information.


Information security at a glance

• Information security is responsible for protecting data and ensuring its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

• Confidentiality means that only those who have the right to do so have access to the data.

• Integrity means that data is stored unchanged and remains valid.

• Accessibility means that the person who has the right to access information can get it.

• Information security protects both confidential and public data. It ensures integrity and availability to the public, while confidential it also provides the required level of secrecy.

• Confidential information includes personal data, commercial, professional, official and state secrets.

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