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This is an entrepreneurial activity,an analogue of a store in a shopping center, available online, which, in one way or another, is related to the distribution, advertising, promotion, sale of services or goods via the Internet.

E-commerce combines such global categories - online sales, Internet banking, booking tickets and hotels, transactions in payment systems, online marketing and advertising. The specificity of e-commerce is the absence of a shopping pavilion, respectively, the costs of doing business on the e- commerce will differ from the costs of a traditional store - there is no need to pay for premises, purchase equipment, hire cashiers, etc.

There are two widespread options for running an e-commerce business: selling goods from your own warehouse on your own and so-called dropshipping, in which the goods are stored and delivered from the supplier's warehouse.

Benefits of an e-commerce business model

The main advantage of an online store is the ability to trade without geographical restrictions. You can organize delivery of goods to other regions and even countries.

For buyers, online stores are convenient for their availability. Finding the necessary product in a store near your home or late at night is not easy, while when buying via the Internet, you can go to the site and place an order without leaving your home.

You can choose a domain name that matches the name of the company, create a website with a corporate identity, develop a logo. Every time they visit a website or see an advertisement for a store on the Internet, customers will associate the brand with your e-commerce business.

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