Installation and configuration of network equipment

Wired connection

Organization of work with a local area network requires a lot of attention to its architecture, installation and configuration of network equipment. Factors such as:

✓ Stability of the network; 

✓ Data security; 

✓ Convenience of employees' access to the LAN; 

✓ The cost of maintaining and upgrading the LAN.

JeySoft specialists work with any type of network equipment from brands such as Cisco, MikroTik, TP-Link, Zyxel, HP and others. We will help you create an easy-to-administer architecture for your network, within the specified budget and with the required functionality.

Installation and configuration of network equipment

Network equipment installation and maintenance services include:

✓ Installation and configuration of switches, routers, access points, Wi-Fi bridges;

✓ Organization of a backup Internet connection (channel);

✓ VPN setup;

✓ Connecting work computers and other devices to Wi-Fi (selection of equipment, improving access security, integration into a local or global network);

✓ Configuring interfaces of any network equipment;

✓ Organization of a data warehouse (launching database servers);

✓ Organization of general access to storages;

✓ Development of a policy for access to network resources, its integration;

✓ Replacement and restoration of operability of network equipment;

✓ Testing the properties and characteristics of the network;

✓ Consultation and remote technical support for your administrator.

What is "network equipment setup"? What does it include?

✓ Debugging network components after connecting new equipment;
✓ Setting up access, authorization, organization of access points to Wi-Fi;
✓ Connection of network printers, plotters, scanners;
✓ Setting up a video conferencing system, launching communication servers;
✓ Debugging of network software;
✓ Simplification of device administration, configuration of network interfaces.

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