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      How to buy 1C correctly


All 1C software products consist of two parts - a platform (the basis on which the software solution works) and configuration (a ready-made solution for work). It is important to understand that no configuration can work without a platform. A platform without configuration can only be useful for 1C programmers to create a system from scratch. Sometimes this option is also necessary in case of very specific requirements. But in this case, the user usually turns to a specialist and orders the development of a solution, and therefore no questions arise.
 When you buy a ready-made "1C Enterprise", you purchase the platform along with the selected configuration.
 Usually a purchase consists of the following components:
1.Configuration 1C (Trade Management, Manufacturing Enterprise Management, etc.);
2. Platform: SQL solution or file;
3. Database for network solution: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Oracle Database. For a detailed description of the compatibility of 1C with databases, read here
4. Equipment that may be required for the operation. It is important in the selection process to adhere to the sequence described above. First - the configuration, then - the platform, there are already databases for it, and only after that the available capacities are assessed and the necessary equipment is purchased 



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