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Database and DBMS

There is a concept of a database -it is a collection of data organized in some way. For example, if you have a dressing room or a pantry in your apartment, then this whole room with all its contents can be considered a base (but not data, but things or jars of cucumbers, which does not change the essence).

There is a concept of a database management system (DBMS) - this is when the family sat down at the table and the youngest is sent to the pantry for cucumbers, he brings it and does not break it along the way. That is, a DBMS is some kind of tool for manipulating data in a database, for example, a program.

What are they for

Here are the main tasks of the database using the example of a dressing room:

• Save our data on request

• Change our data on request

• Find this data by request

• Prevent these data from being read by those who should not, and who should be given it.

• Maintain order and prevent clutter

• Scale

• Don't lose data

Для чего нужны

Where are they used?

Databases are now used almost everywhere:

• On sites to store content for pages. All articles in Code are actually stored in a database and retrieved from there at your request.

• In smartphones to store all your data - photos, messages, notes, contacts and music. Since there is a lot of all this, and access to this should be lightning fast, different types of DBMS are used.

• In postal services, so that you can find the desired letter. It builds up complex index arrays that your email client uses to search for data.

• Wherever there are personal accounts and registration - to remember users and distinguish them from each other.

• In social networks and blogs, almost everything is stored in databases.

Supported DBMS:

• Oracle DBMS                                                                                                       Oracle.png

• PostgreSQL DBMS                                                                                              Postgre.png

• Mysql DBMS                                                                                                        MY SQL.png

• Microsoft SQL Server DBMS                                                                               MicrosoftSQL.png

Database Maintenance

The company "JeySoft" provides services for customer service of database management systems (DBMS), we take all the care of their correct and problem-free functioning.

             • We will ensure optimal and uninterrupted operation of your databases, freeing your time from the constant struggle with failures and low performance.

             • We guarantee the confidentiality of your data at the highest level.

             • We will support you by phone hotline or by e-mail.

Service delivery options:

• At the Customer's site - services can be provided at the Customer's site in 24x7 or 8x5 mode.

• Remote - services are provided remotely via secure communication channels under constant control.

• Mixed (hybrid) - a combination of the first two methods of providing a service.


•The cost of technical support for the DBMS is significantly lower than the salary of highly qualified full-time specialists.

•It is not required to search, check, train, keep personnel and accounting of employees, charge salaries, pay taxes and deductions, fire.

•Technical support can be attributed to costs, which will reduce the tax base.

•Technical support does not include vacations, sick days or time off.

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